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Our planet & earth (collected by Kim Anh)
The Great Wall of China (collected by Tinh Minh)
The whole view of Dubai (collected by Chritina Quang Nhat Hy)
The spcial construction of the world. (collected by Chritina Quang Nhat Hy)
The ten most expensive desserts in the world (collected by Chritina Quang Nhat Hy)

Quê nghèo Việt Nam (collected by Tinh Minh)
Đường về đất Phật. (collected by Kim Anh)
Mẹ hiền.  (collected by Tinh Minh)
Chân lý cuộc đời (collected by Kim Anh)

Những kỳ quan thế giới. ( collected by Tịnh Minh)
Suy ngẫm về hạnh phúc (collected by Kim Anh)
Thủ đô Paris. ( collected by Tịnh Minh)
Hình ảnh Trung Tâm Không Gian Nasa ( collected by Tịnh Minh)
September 11 images. (Collected by Chuc Hoa)

Quê Hương Việt Nam (collected by Kim Anh)
Em còn nhớ mùa xuân ( collected by Tịnh Minh)

Tenors Music. ( collected by Thi Phan)
World Toilet (collected by Kim Anh)

Thế giới muôn màu. (collected by Quang Thanh)
Đất nước Thụy Sỹ (collected by Chritina Quang Nhat Hy)


Why I did't make the Olympic ? (Collected by Quang Nhat Hy)
Monkey with a death wish (collected by Tinh Minh)
Dangerous game in Spain (collected by Kim Anh)
War is not the Answer (collected by Tinh Minh)
Bàn tay năm ngón. (collected by Kim Anh)
Cut the human body, magic ? ( collected by Kim Anh)